(CLASSIC) #1 Create Paddocks

Adding a paddock video

The first thing to do when you open up Pasture.io and are staring at a blank account is to:

  1. Click on the Paddocks menu.

2. Once in the Paddocks page on the top right corner, click on Add Paddock.

3. Once in the new window, add in the paddock's details (read about them below) and then click Create Paddock.

4. Start the process again for the next paddock.

About paddock details

The paddock details give each paddock an identification, allows calculations to be performed and helps the models understand each individual paddock. Below is a brief overview of each detail.

  • Herds: If you have made a herd or multiple herds, you can assign them to the paddock now, or later in the Paddocks page. You need to do this to graze a paddock with a herd.
  • Feedstuff: Feedstuff is the type of pasture or forage that you are growing on the paddock to be grazed by a herd. If you haven't any feedstuff to add, this can be done later in the Paddocks page. You can assign different feedstuff to different paddocks. This for example might be for quality reasons or for different plant types.
  • Used for: Paddocks that are set to grazing can be grazed, paddocks that are set to silage are saved and their area reported on the dashboard. Other options are currently under development.
  • Name: Is the long name of a paddock, if you have only a number, enter the number here.
  • Code: Is the paddocks short name, usually found on maps. If you entered a number under Name, then enter the number here too. If you leave this blank, areas such as the feed wedge won't be identified. The code is used for areas in the platform that have little realestate space.
  • Original area: Original area is connected to the paddock map. This area isn't used in calculations. This area is used when calculating area to be measured with satellite imagery.
  • Utilisable area: This is used in all calculations.
  • Irrigated: When this check box is selected, the paddock is classified as irrigated. When the check box is unselected, it is not irrigated.
  • Irrigation: This is the type of irrigation on the paddock. Leave blank if the paddock isn't irrigated.
  • Topography: Topography type helps our models understand the paddock.
  • Direction: Much like topography, direction helps our models understand the paddock.
  • Satellite: If selected, the paddock will be measured if there is a paddock map.