Adding Tasks from the map, list or charts

This article will show you how to add tasks from the map, list or charts.

  1. A paddock preview window will appear when you click on the paddock (either on the farm map, list or feed wedge).
  2. From the paddock preview window, click on Add Task.
  3. You can add the task and details to the New Task window from here.
    1. Paddock Name: If you have made a new task by clicking on a paddock, the Paddock will be assigned to the task.
    2. Title: Give the task a short and informative title. For example, "Fix the boundary fence", "Repair float valve in water trough", "Check grazing days available", etc.
    3. Description: Provide as much detail in the description to successfully complete the task.
    4. Due Date: Set a due date to make sure everything is going to plan.
    5. Status: Is the status of the task In Progress or Not Started? Set the status to keep everyone up-to-date.
    6. Tag: Set a priority by tagging the task with Low Priority or High Priority to keep people focussed on the most important tasks.
    7. User: Assign or delegate someone responsible for the task.
    8. Attachments(s): Take a photo, or attach a file like a PDF or a Spreadsheet to the task so you can provide farm staff, consultants, and contractors with the information they need to complete the task.

  4. Once finished, click on Save All.
  5. You can then view the task by clicking on the People menu and clicking on Tasks.