(CLASSIC) Feed Wedge

The predictive feed wedge in Pasture.io enables you to quickly see if you're in deficit or surplus of pasture.

Intro to the feed wedge

The feed wedge in the grazing planner is dynamic. This means that it shows the herd that is up to date with the selected date and feed slot. Furthermore, it can be interacted with.

Feed wedge legend

  • Blue column represents irrigated paddocks and red are dryland.
  • Green is the paddock's individual growth rate, which it is currently growing at.
  • The red line is the pre and post grazing target cover line.
  • The left y axis: pasture cover (KgDM/ha)
  • The right y axis: pasture growth rate (KgDM/ha.day)
  • The x axis: paddock code

Interacting with the feed wedge

  • Clicking on a paddock in the feed wedge will select the paddock in the paddocks table and consequently allow you to save the paddock in a grazing.
  • Sort the feed wedge by sorting any column on the paddocks table. This might be handy if you want to sort paddocks for days since grazing i.e. leaf stage instead of biomass.
  • Hover your mouse over the columns to see an information popup.