(CLASSIC) Grazing from the feed wedge


In cases where the grazing activity is to be recorded and nothing else, this is the simplest option. For more calculations, detailed records and reporting, and modelling purposes, we recommend to record grazings through the grazing planner.


  1. Click on the Dashboard menu and wait for the dashboard to load.
  2. Once you can see your feed wedge, hover over the paddock you wish to graze and click on it. When you hover over a paddock, an information popup will display where you can see up to date details.

3. The selected paddock will highlight and the paddock information box will display on the map.
4. Enter the grazing date, feed slot and click Add


  • This is the most simple form of recording grazings in Pasture.io
  • By recording grazings this way, the platform will assume you graze to your desired post grazing residual.
  • To edit the grazing record, do so on the Grazings page.
  • You must have a paddock map for this function to work.