(CLASSIC) Grazing Page

The Grazing page
The grazing page is a record of every grazing that you record via the Dashboard or the Grazing Planner.
There is not much to do on this page, except edit a pre-exisiting grazing, delete a grazing or make a new one in the Grazing Planner.

  1. To access the Grazing page and enter into the Grazing Planner click on the menu called Grazing.
  2. Select the date your first grazing is to take place.
  3. Select the herd you are grazing.
  4. Select the feed slot you wish to start the grazing plan with.
  5. Click Create Grazing to enter the Grazing Planner.
  6. If you make a mistake, you can access the grazing again by clicking on the green button to enter into the grazing or the red button to delete the grazing.