(CLASSIC) Grazing Planner Vs Dashboard Grazing

You've set your account up, entered your paddocks and herds in and have pasture cover readings. These are all pieces of making profitable grazing records. What Pasture.io does, is feed these records into the models for providing you with better decision making tools.

What does the Grazing Planner have over Dashboard Grazing? Well, everything! The dashboard grazing is the crudest way of letting the platform know that the herd has grazed a paddock. It doesn't understand how much pasture or area you have offered. It simply makes an assumption and grazes to your desired post grazing residual regardless.

In fact, it is easier to cycle through making a grazing rotation in the Grazing Planner easier than from the dashboard.

So why do we have the option? In some cases, where keeping information isn't as critical, such as moving a mob of bulls around some scrubby areas. We might like to simply record the day the animals go in and the day they are moved out. Then we calculate how long the area has been rested or how long the animals were there for.

If you use our remote measuring services, every bit of information and record keeping you do helps give you a better service.

The short of it all is that more information equals less uncertainty :)