How to use the extended grazing planner

This article walks through using the extended grazing planner for entering multiple days worth of grazing at once.

Here is a short video to get you started:


Making a grazing record:

  1. On the Farm Dashboard open the Grazing To-Do List.
  2. For the relevant herd, select an open feed slot to make a new grazing record.
  3. Select a paddock for grazing from the map, list, or feed wedge.
  4. Set the Start and Finish Date for the amount of time your stock will graze the paddock.
  5. Once happy with the grazing decision, press the Save All button.

Other tips with the extended grazing planner:

  • This feature works by reducing the pasture cover over a period of time. For example, the pasture cover at the point of grazing (Start Date) to the desired post grazing residual at the end of the grazing (End Date).
  • Using your mouse, hover over rows or columns on the extended grazing planner to select or deselect specific feed slots as desired.
  • On a touch device, tapping the column or row heading with select or deselect the relevant feed slots.