I can't see some information, the display looks wrong?

If you have tables, charts or anything else that is overlapping or information missing on your screen, then read on.

Often the problem with tables and charts not displaying properly is screen resolution.

As Pasture.io is a responsive web app, we do our best to design the app for as many screen resolutions without compromising the quality of your experience. Below, I'll show you how to fix this.

An example of this issue:

To resize your screen resolution:

In any web browser on Windows and macOS, you can quickly change the screen resolution with the following keystrokes, where the keys to press are between the `...`.


Increase = `control` + `+`
Decrease = `control` + `-`


Increase = `command` + `+`
Decrease = `command` + `-`

An example of the screen resolution playing friendly:

Resetting the screen resolution back to normal

In the case that you'd like to reset the screen resolution back to normal, you can try the following keystroke (be aware that this method doesn't always work in all browsers).


Reset = `control` + `0`


Reset = `command` + `0`

Summing up

Give the above a go, it might help you in other web-based as well as desktop applications such as accounting software, email, or social media.

This workaround can be applied in the rare circumstances that the green chat bubble is in the way, as shown here.