(CLASSIC) Overview of the Grazing Planner

Accessing the Grazing Planner

To access the Grazing Planner, do so on the Grazings page by selecting a date, herd, and feed slot and then click on Create Grazing.

Overview of the Grazing Planner

  1. Feed Wedge: provides a visual representation for the selected herd and date.
  2. Pasture Demand Indicator: is a tool that indicates how much pasture can be offered to meet the calculated rotation length, area allocation, and growth rate demand.
  3. Paddocks table: shows all the key paddock metrics for making the best grazing decisions. Hover over the icons to see what each column presents.
  4. Feed table: this is where you choose how much pasture to graze on a selected paddock and/or how much supplement to feed for balancing the nutrition.
  5. Nutrition table: is a visual representation of your herd's nutritional requirements and the nutrition being supplied by the Feed table.
  6. Totals table: provides wet and dry matter weights for the quantity of feed being fed.
  7. Save: this is where you lock in your grazing decision and move on to the next grazing or task at hand.
Overview of the diet check within the Pasture.io Grazing Planner.