(CLASSIC) Paddocks Table

Overview of the Paddocks table

The Paddocks table can be sorted by clicking on any of the headings. The feed wedge is sorted by sorting this table. You might like to sort by days since grazed to get an idea of leaf stage or by pasture cover.

Selecting a paddock will show the paddock slider on the Feed table. From here you can change the amount of pasture being fed. By doing so, you will notice that the number of Grazings Available on the Paddocks table will change. This metric along with pasture cover and days since last grazed will become very familiar for you on this table.

Paddocks table legend

  1. Code and name of the paddock
  2.  Utilisable area (ha)
  3. Pasture growth rate (KgDM/ha.day)
  4. Pasture cover (KgDM/ha)
  5. Number of days the paddock has grown or days since last grazed. This is calculated from the previous grazing record until the date of the planned grazing.
  6. Days since nitrogen was last applied to the paddock. This is taken from the fertilisation record.
  7. The number of grazings available on the paddock given the amount of pasture to feed on the paddock slider.
  8. Hide or unhide any menu items with this selector.
  9. Not all paddocks are displayed. If you can't see the paddock you want to graze then flip through the table pages. NB if a paddock is still missing, you may need to assign the paddock the relevant herd on the Paddocks page and recreate the grazing record.