(CLASSIC) Pasture Demand Indicator

Overview of the pasture demand indicator

The Pasture Demand Indicator is just that, a tool that gives you an indication of the quantity of pasture to target feeding per animal per grazing.

Finer adjustments of the quantity of pasture to feed can be made with the individual the paddock slider. The paddock slider is active on the Feed table when a paddock is selected on the paddocks table.

Pasture demand indicator legend

  1. Use the slider or the input field to enter the quantity of pasture to feed per cow for the one grazing.
  2. The row of Actual figures are calculated from the historical measurements.
  3. The row of Planned figures are calculated from the quantity of pasture fed on the slider.
  4. Ha/feed is the required area to allocate to sustain the given growth rate.
  5. Days is the rotation length required to sustain the given growth rate.
  6. Actual growth rate is the measured growth rate from the Readings page. Planned growth rate is the growth rate set by the slider, essentially this is the growth rate demand.

Interacting with the pasture demand indicator

  • This is only used as a quick reference or indication of the amount of pasture to feed. When making the final grazing decisions, use the individual paddock slider that shows on the Feed table once the paddock is selected.
  • One of the best guages of sustainable grazing management is setting the growth rate demand (planned) against the (actual) growth rate.
  • The Days for a rotation length assists in setting the rotation length to the desired leaf stage.
  • Ensure that stocking density will not cause damage to paddocks by checking the area to allocate (in ha/feed).

NB Remember that this is an indicator and finer adjustments can be made via the individual paddock slider.