Satellite Pasture Reading Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers about satellite flyover frequency, image resolution, NDVI usage, cloud interference, pasture reading frequency, and global availability.

Satellite Image Technology

How frequently do the satellites fly over?

The satellites on the Ultimate add-on fly over near daily, providing regular and up-to-date information on your pasture. The satellites on the Essential add-on fly over approximately every 5 days, depending on your location.

What is the resolution of the imagery?

The satellite images have a resolution of up to 3 square meters per pixel in the Ultimate add-on, ensuring detailed and precise readings. The resolution is up to 10 square meters per pixel in the Essential add-on.

Do you use NDVI to calculate pasture covers?

Yes, we do. NDVI is one of many indices that are a crucial part of Pio’s machine learning models, but we also incorporate other management records to refine the readings along with local weather data and a few proprietary spatial datasets.

Do clouds get in the way?

Clouds can sometimes interfere, so Pio deploys a cloudy days model that delivers pasture covers and growth rates on a daily basis. Plus, with daily satellite flights, you can expect consistent satellite-backed readings despite cloudy days.

How often are pasture readings taken?

Satellite-backed readings are typically taken at least weekly during wetter seasons and almost daily when it’s sunny, depending on cloud cover in your area. The satellites included in the Ultimate add-on have enabled pasture readings in higher rainfall zones.

How do you deal with objects in paddocks?

Our powerful algorithms learn to identify and exclude non-pasture objects from measurements, ensuring accurate readings.

Remote Measuring Accuracy/Consistency

How accurate is remote measuring?

Instead of focusing on accuracy alone, we prioritise consistency. Consistency ensures you can pre-graze at the right cover and achieve your desired post-grazing residuals, which inherently improves accuracy - not to mention your livestock are happier.

How do you overcome the issues of imagery?

We use advanced statistical algorithms and machine learning to turn your data into meaningful metrics, training our imagery to align perfectly with your farm and paddocks.

How consistent is remote measuring?

Our remote measuring, or “reading” as we prefer to call it, is highly consistent, typically outperforming traditional methods like the rising plate meter when aligned with our models.

Farming Systems and Regions

Does the platform and remote measuring work outside of Australia and New Zealand?

Absolutely! We support farmers globally, wherever grass grows. Contact us for assistance with setting up your farm.

Does the remote measuring work with dryland and irrigated pastures?

Yes, our system adapts to both dryland and irrigated pastures, providing consistent biomass estimates regardless of conditions.

Does the remote measuring work with different species?

Yes, our models are dynamic and adapt to various pasture species and conditions. If you’re measuring forage crops like lucerne, millet, oats, maize, sorghum, etc., we’re keen to hear your feedback as we develop this feature.

What information should I expect from the service?

You’ll receive regular pasture covers, growth rates for individual paddocks, pasture forecasts, and leaf emergence models, all integrated into the app. Plus, you get the full suite of tools for optimal farm management.

Additional Questions and Answers

How easy is it to get started with

It’s very simple! Just sign up, and our customer success team will help you set up and get the most out of our platform.

What kind of support do I get with my subscription?

You get comprehensive support, including onboarding assistance, ongoing help from our customer success team, and access to detailed resources and tutorials.

Can I try the service before committing?

Yes, you can trial the app. The satellite add-ons, however, are part of our premium service and require an annual subscription. We’ve invested heavily in creating a leading satellite-backed pasture reading tool, and our premium data providers require us to commit to annual contracts.

What happens if I have technical issues?

Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any technical issues you might encounter. Just reach out, and we’ll get you back on track quickly.

Can I integrate with other farm management tools?

Yes, is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of farm management tools. Contact us for specific integration queries.