(CLASSIC) Save Table

Overview of the save table

The save table allows you to edit a date, or leave a short comment on the rotation report and importantly save and move onto your next task or grazing.

Parts of the save table

  1. It's possible to change the date and feed slot from within the Grazing Planner rather than re-make an entire new grazing.
  2. Before you save the grazing, you can enter a paddock note that will display on the grazing rotation report. This could be informing employees of the quantity of bales to feed out, or which division of a paddock this grazing is, or something as important as fixing the irrigation or picking up rubbish, etc.
  3. Save Grazing, saves the grazing and takes you to the Grazing page.
  4. Save & Previous, saves the grazing and takes you to the previous grazing in reverse chronological order.
  5. Save & Next, saves the grazing and takes you forward to the next feed slot in chronological order.