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What is the price or what is the cost?

This article explains our pricing plans and some of the finer details around costings.

We often get asked the following questions, "what is the cost of your system?" Or "how much will your app cost me?" Or "what is the price of the subscription?" and so on. Hopefully, we cover a few of the finer details in this article, and if you would like to see more information, you can visit our Plans page or reach out to us in the little help chat bubble.

Commonalities across the plans:

There are a number of plans that you can subscribe to, and they each share the following:

  1. The plans are annual recurring subscriptions.
  2. GST is inclusive for Australian customers and tax-exclusive for all other countries.
  3. Prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).
  4. All plans include the Pasture.io app free of charge.
  5. Paid plans include a base fee plus a per hectare fee, as detailed below.

Plan Pricing

  1. Enterprise
    1. $4099 + $11 * hectare

      Eg. $4099 + $11 * 800ha = $12899
  2. Premium Plus (MOST POPULAR)
    1. $1099 + $8 * hectare

      Eg. $1099 + $8 * 450ha = $4699
  3. Custom
    1. Higher frequency payment plans with automated direct debit (within Australia) and credit card payments (outside Australia).
    2. Modified feature lists (image only plans, farm or/and paddock level models)
    3. Lower cost account (satellites with low flyover frequency and larger pixel resolution)
    4. Custom plans are on a quote basis.
  4. Premium
    1. Free to use the farm application and enter in your manual pasture walks, paddock activities such as fert, spraying, planting, grazing and harvesting records.